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The Dutch Mammal Society is an organization dedicated to the study and protection of mammals. In this organization volunteers, both professional and amateur mammal experts, co-operate amicably. The Field Study Group, a sub-division of this organization, specializes in carrying out mammal surveys in the field. Every year the Field Study Group uses a variety of techniques to this end. It plays a key role in trying out new and innovative surveying methods.

During the year, the Field Study Group organizes several field activities in the Netherlands. A yearly summer camp abroad is also a traditional part of the programme, both aimed at surveying mammal species which are rare or absent in the Netherlands, and at extending and exchanging knowledge of the presence and abundance of mammals. Summer camps abroad invariably take place in co-operation with local wildlife organizations in order to fulfil the Mammal Society's aims as well as those of our foreign counterparts. Information gathered this way is more likely to play a role in the protection and management of the area in general and of mammals in particular.

Every year a report is compiled using the data gathered during the summer camp. Most reports are written in Dutch, but some of the more recent reports are available in English or have an English summary. All reports, some of them quite extensive, can be downloaded from this website. Simply click on the report listed below and the report will be opened in PDF-format. Please note it may take some time to open reports that are larger than 4 Mb. In such cases it is recommended to right-click on the title and choose the "save as" option. If you have any trouble opening or downloading a report, please inform the Field Study Group . A full publication list containing all the reports published by the Field Study Group (including those in Dutch) can be found at our publication page. A summary of the reports written in French you can find on the French report page.


Reports available in English:

Mammal survey Western Rhodopes

year 2013
country Bulgaria
ISBN/EAN 978-90-79924-34-9
Size (MB) 8,0
remarks -
Mammal survey Galicia

year 2012
country Spain
ISBN 978-90-79924-32-5
Size (MB) 11,0
remarks -
Mammal survey Biokovo

year 2011
country Croatia
ISBN 978-90-79924-29-5
Size (MB) 15,9
remarks Report in English
Mammal survey Patvinsuo

year 2010
country Suomi / Finland
ISBN 978-90-79924-21-9
Size (MB) 5,6
remarks Report in English
Mammal survey Serra da Estrela

year 2009
country Portugal
ISBN 978-90-79924-14-1
Size (MB) 23,5
remarks Report in English. Addendum: DNA-analysis bats.
Mammal survey Apuseni mountains Transylvania

year 2008
country Romania
ISBN 978-90-70024-13-4
Size (MB) 22,8
remarks Report in English
Mammal survey Matsalu
country Estonia
ISBN 978-90-73162-94-5
size (MB) 22,6

Report in English.

Update: hibernating bats in 2011 (690 kB)

Myotis bechsteinii and Myotis nattereri at Eerde estate
country Netherlands
ISBN 978-90-73162-90-7
size (MB) 5,0
remarks Only summary in English
Mammal survey Galicica mountains
country Macedonia
ISBN 90-73162-81-5
size (MB) 12,6
remarks Only summary and subscription to tables and figures in English. Update: Bat parasites - appendix 4 (32 kB)
Mammal survey Pol'ana
country Slovakia
ISBN 978-90-79924-12-7
size (MB) 7,4
remarks Report in English
Mammal survey Rakitovec
country Slovenia
ISBN 90-73162-88-2
ISBN-13 978-90-73162-88-4
size (MB) 9,5
remarks Report in English
Mammal survey Alvão Natural Park
country Portugal
ISBN 90-73162-74-2
size (MB) 28,4
remarks Report in English
Mammal survey Rhodope mountains
country Bulgaria
ISBN 90-73162-67-X
size (MB) 4,3
remarks Report in English - Downloadable erratum in English (76 kB)
Mammal survey Onferno
country Italy
ISBN 90-73162-59-9
size (MB) 1,0
remarks Only summary in English
Mammal survey Zempléni - Hegység
country Hungary
ISBN 90-73162-58-3
size (MB) 5,2
remarks Only summary in English
Mammal survey Sierra de Guara
country Spain
ISBN 90-73162-73-4
size (MB) 15,3
remarks Only summary in English
Mammal survey Podstene (Kocevje)
country Slovenia
ISBN 90-73162-56-4
size (MB) 2,4
remarks Only summary in English
Mammal survey Trysil and Dovre
country Norway
ISBN 90-73162-41-6
size (MB) 20,8
remarks Only summary in English - Addendum: Laxmann’s shrew (Sorex caecutiens) (100 KB)
Mammal survey Pieniny
country Poland
ISBN 90-73162-30-0
size (MB) 42,3
remarks Only summary in English
Mammal survey Sumava
country Czech Republic
ISBN 90-73162-23-8
size (MB) 24,5
remarks Only summary in English
Mammal survey Wiltz (Luxemburg)
country Luxemburg
ISBN 90-73162-18-1
size (MB) 37,0
remarks Only summary in English
Mammal survey Luxemburg
country Luxemburg
size (MB) 17,8
remarks Only summary in English



























































































































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